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Just Breathe


“We are living in interesting times.”

That, IS the truth. What is also the truth is there are many small business owners and independent contractors like myself who work in the meetings & events industry who’ve been hit hard by these interesting times. In the last 10 days, I’ve seen 1/3 of my annual revenue cancel right before my very eyes. My two largest clients had meetings scheduled, one in March and one in April – and both of them cancelled their meetings (with more cancellations on the horizon I’m certain).

In addition to this, I had something land in my mailbox from that most dreaded of Federal financial institutions letting me know of an additional financial responsibility I now have – and it’s left me reeling. Jokingly, I called my parents a few days ago and asked them if I could have my old room back because they may be getting a new roommate very shortly. LOL!!!

Loss of revenue on several fronts, a stock portfolio that has bottomed out, a savings account quickly disappearing, and 2019 taxes due just around the corner – and I’ve found myself feeling, at first, like I just don’t know what I’m going to do.

It would be easy to want to start to blame others for this. I’ve heard so much hate and vitriol being shouted out toward the media – “it’s their fault.” Others have proclaimed, “it’s our President’s fault.” Still others find a host of additional people and institutions to want to shift blame too. I don’t really care who’s fault it is, and honestly, I don’t believe knowing who’s fault it is would mitigate the anxiety for many.

For those of you who know me, you mostly see me “living the dream” – and it’s true, what amounts to about 95% of the time. I’m that guy who lives a blessed life and has an optimistic attitude about most things, can find the good in just about anything, and is willing to admit that “everything happens for a reason.” It’s not an act folks, that’s really me. But that last 5% of the time is here – and has hit me smack dab in the face!!

By the most amazing grace available to me, I find myself though in a place where I am attempting to balance calamity with serenity on a moment by moment basis. I’m calling it “Black Belt One Day At A Time,” which includes black belt prayer and black belt meditation. For those of you who may be reading this who don’t have the prayer thing at your fingertips…. just pausing, breathing and getting still (in the mind) works too.

As a result of the work I’ve done on myself over the last 32 years, I’m in a place where I get to put into practice all of the things I’ve learned and… just breathe (oh, and trust). I’m no longer willing to feel like a victim in all of this – like one would feel if they felt it was happening TO them. I’m choosing to open up to the possibility that this is all happening FOR me – to learn how I can become an even better man today.

Yes, we ARE living in interesting times.

But the real truth is that we all have it inside ourselves to allow love – love for ourselves and love for each other. In the same way that we trust the light will come on each time we flick the switch – let us all trust that there is an infinite and powerful Universe out there conspiring to assist us.

If you feel overwhelmed by the grocery stores with empty shelves, the constant barrage of information (and mis-information) coming your way, having your only source of revenue pulled out from underneath you, or by the fear of not knowing what’s next… join me and just breathe. One day very soon, this will all be over and we’ll be able to look back on it and remember not just the hysteria of it all; but the beautiful ways in which we opened ourselves up to each other, how we were just a little kinder and gentler with each other, and for those moments when we were able to stop and…

Just Breathe!

In love and service,

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