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The Future of Checkout: No Checkout at All

“People have said when checkout is working really well, it will feel like stealing.”

This past weekend I was listening to the podcast “Planet Money” on NPR in my car as I was driving to an event on Long Island and they were profiling the man who invented self-checkout.  The first supermarket self-checkout system was installed in 1992 in the Price Chopper Supermarket in New York by inventor of self-checkout Dr. Howard Schneider. In 1997, NCR prototyped their first self-checkout machines. By 2003, these automated checkouts had become widespread, with most being supplied by NCR, Fujitsu/ICL and IBM.

At the end of the podcast, one of the narrators said, “The future of retail checkout will be one where you walk into the store, put things in your basket and walk out of the store without ever going through a checkout line.  Technology will have advanced  so much that an app can be placed on your phone with NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities and items on store shelves will have chips connected to them that will register to your “account” as you are walking out the door of the store.  Your credit card will be charged for the total items you walked out with and you will never have to even talk to a store employee unless you have a question (provided you can even find one because there will be so few).”

This made me begin to think about all of the ways this kind of shopping experience could be

The Atlantic published an article that speaks volumes to the possibilities that I found very intriguing.

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