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“Brilliant! Adaptive! Engaging! Thoughtful! Expressive! Creative! Attentive! Informative! Provocateur!

If there were room for more superlatives I would give them by the basketful!

I have had the pleasure of working with Rick Weaver as a facilitator while I was serving on two separate Association Board of Directors. He had a delft touch as he led the conversation to hold board members accountable to the business plan while asking us to inspire to new ideas. He made sure everyone on the room was heard, important and contributing.

When an opportunity arose for our business to bring on a new facilitator for our Client Advisory Board, I immediately though of Rick as the person who could bring out the best in conversation and ideas from this important group. Rick has brought energy, industry knowledge and has enhanced the camaraderie of our board. Our staff appreciates his candor and the board members have high regard for his professionalism and energy.”

Mark R McMinn
Director, Sales and Destination Services
Team San Jose

Team San Jose
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