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“I took on a new client several years ago that was working with Armarion Solutions, so you could say I didn’t find them, they found me. After a brief tutorial by their support team of using the content management solution and its robust features for that client, I realized it was exactly what another client had also been looking for, so we migrated their site to the Admin eSolutions CMS system. That was over 7 years ago, and over that time they have released timely software updates on a regular basis to make further enhancements to the product and also to stay on top of a changing world of technology that has become more mobile based and user engaged.  Their support team is very responsive and goes out of their way to resolve issues quickly. They have also been able to customize some settings when needed which allowed us to work with data in a way that was very unique to our organization.

If you are looking for a partner to give the web side of your organization the power, flexibility and functionality it needs, then talk to the professional team at Armarion Solutions. They will listen. They will understand. And then they will build.”

Mike Lasher
Executive Director
Orange County Employee Benefits Council (OCEBC)

Orange County Employee Benefits Council
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