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Bringing together three different brand names ( / Imageweaver / Better Volunteers) that were founded in February of 1999, Armarion Solutions was created in January 2014 under the premise that there had to be a way to provide small businesses of all kinds with customized and personalized service solutions without it costing them a fortune – all under one roof.  From non-profit professional trade associations to small for profit product/service related businesses – we offer a wide variety of business solutions to help your organization thrive.

With an over 25+ year background in BOTH corporate (hospitality, travel, tourism, hotel sales & meeting/event planning) and non-profit associations, we bring to the table a comprehensive approach to providing solutions for our clients. Let us help you solidify your vision, your mission, your plan of action, and your execution.

P.S. – People continue to ask… “Rick, what exactly does Armarion stand for?” …to which I respond…

“My full name is Richard Marion Weaver. You do the math!” 🙂

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