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Thank you for asking about my decision to leave NYC.

I was raised in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and my parents still live there.  I left Texas about 30 years ago and, quite honestly, I haven’t looked back.  Oh sure, I’ve BEEN back to visit, but living in Texas was something that I sincerely thought was going to be part of my past…. only.

What’s that old saying?  “We make plans and God laughs!” 🙂

I went home back in May 2016 (over the Memorial Day weekend) to visit my parents and noticed a degeneration I had not seen before.  I knew this would happen, but quite honestly, I was hoping it would be many years from now (many, many years from now).

Four (4) years ago, I went to Texas to meet with my parents because they had done their will and wanted me to read through it to make sure that I was going to be able to execute it when the time came.  At that time, I had talked to my siblings and they said not to worry, because they had the “on the ground” stuff taken care of and that I could stay in NYC and do the financial stuff from here.  Since then, things have changed and they simply will not be able to provide my parents the kind of care they deserve when the time comes.  So, I need to go home.

This move, on some level, is a bit preemptive in that they don’t actually need me there now.  I decided that I would rather go ahead and move down there, find a new home, a new network, and just generally a new life…. BEFORE they actually need me so that when they DO need me, I will already be there – instead of having to uproot my life quickly when the time comes.

At first, I made the decision grudgingly because as I said, “Texas is the very last place I ever wanted to live again”, but now – I have an open heart, an open mind and a willingness to do God’s work wherever He wants me to do it.  I am embracing this move now and am ready to go home and see what God has in store for me.

I will miss NYC and the friends (family) I’ve made here in more ways than you will ever know.  I’ve lived here for 14 years and truly thought I would live out my days here because THIS is my home.  But change is in the air and I need to remember page 417 each and every time I think about going home.  I had a dear friend of mine say to me recently in regards to this… “Rick, if there’s one thing you know how to do – it’s start over.”  And you know – she was right.  I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life starting over (in Nashville, San Francisco, Miami and NYC).  So here we go!

If you are reading this page, it means you have played a role in my life that has become special to me. You have been a part of my life here in NYC that has become one of the most special times of my life and I will forever be thankful to you for that.  Thank you for being my friend, for supporting me and my life here, and for being someone that I will take with me when I leave.

The movers are scheduled to come pack and move me on Friday, December 16, 2016.  I got a hotel room at the Hilton Times Square for that night so I can spend my last night in the city I love so dearly right in the heart of it all.  I will then drive to Texas on Saturday 12/17/16.

I will be back for visits for sure, but for now, I need to close this chapter of my life and move onto the next one.  I will do it with much love in my heart and excitement for what comes next.  I don’t just believe that God has restored me to sanity – but I TRUST that He has my back and I will be just fine.

Please stay in touch and let me know how you are doing after I’m gone.  I would love that allot.  Thank you and know that I will miss you and the very special YOU that you bring to this world!

In love and service,

P.S. – all of my digital contact information will remain the same.

Rick Weaver
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