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With WordPress, our Content Management Software (CMS), you will have everything you need to make your website vision a reality.  You can easily maintain a site that has a major positive impact on  your business by taking advantage of the features that are critical to your success.

And because WordPress is flexible and easy to use, anyone in your organization can create and add new menus, pages, e-newsletters, articles and more to keep your website fresh, vital and engaging and easily manage the followings:

  • Membership & Client Management (Billing, Payments, My Account)
  • Event Registration (Online payments, customizable)
  • Searchable Directories
  • Online Community, Forums, Blogs, Intranet

Content Management Software Plans  
Pricing plans are based on the package used. You can start small and add modules as your business or organization grows or you can reduce your plan and remove modules as needed, it’s just that easy.

What’s included:

checkmark_greenLow-cost Hosting
checkmark_green 24/7 access to backend software
checkmark_green Free online & phone support (M-F 8am-6pm EST)
24-hour emergency support
checkmark_green Online training
checkmark_green Private one-on-one onsite training (optional) (travel fees charged)
checkmark_green Web traffic analysis
checkmark_green Basic search optimization
checkmark_green Free software upgrades

Implementation, Set Up & Deployment

The quality of setup is one of the largest factors in the long-term success of any solution. Armarion Solutions understands this. That’s why our Deployment Team is dedicated to optimizing your solution from day one and taking the technical load off you. You’re left to focus on what’s most important – your organization or business.

A Manageable, Phased Approach
We know you’re busy. You barely have enough time for your day-to-day, much less anything new. That’s why we’ve broken down the deployment & setup into simple bite-sized pieces. You’ll never be overwhelmed, and we’ll be with you every single step of the way.

A Dedicated Team Working For You
You’ll get your own dedicated  – an Implementation Manager, Specialist and Designer – all dedicated to making your setup go smoothly and stress-free. Even better, we’ll proactively manage the process, saving you from the responsibility of keeping the process moving.

While other website design agencies will often launch your software and email you a manual, leaving you to figure most everything out on your own, we understand how that leads to frustration, wasted time and less optimized usage of the product.

Our product experts will:

checkmark_green Configure & upload your databases
checkmark_green Create your online directories
checkmark_green Create your registration forms
checkmark_green Generate custom reporting relevant to your needs
checkmark_green Configure your eCommerce & Shopping cart
checkmark_green Set up your blogs & forums
checkmark_green Create Broadcast Email templates

Support from Real People
We believe the quality of a product’s support is just as important as the product itself. That’s why we offer unlimited phone and email support from our Support Team to all our clients.

We offer a number of ways to keep you on track:

checkmark_green Unlimited phone & email support
checkmark_green Ticket support system trackable via “My Account” feature
checkmark_green Instant Messenger Support
checkmark_green Online Training Videos
checkmark_green Online Training
checkmark_green One on one training

No extra charges, no support contracts, no complicated channels to reach us, no automated voice mails. You get real people answering in real time.

You simply won’t find a bigger commitment to making your experience a refreshing one.

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