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On February 3, 1999, Rick Weaver, Chief Inspiration Officer at Armarion Solutions, left a lucrative and successful career in the meeting/events & hospitality industry to follow a dream. He embarked upon an undergraduate degree in education at an early age because he knew he wanted to be a teacher. He felt he was one of the very few people on this planet who was crystal clear about why he was put here on this Earth – and that is TO TEACH.

Along the way, he had the amazing opportunity to acquire some valuable skills that would serve him well down the road in technology services, professional/executive facilitation, business/life coaching and leadership development training. He eventually brought them all together in a fairly unconventional manner to form the company you are looking at right now.

People Ask Us Often..."What does Armarion mean?"

Our founder’s full name is Richard Marion Weaver. (You do the math!)  🙂 

While the solutions we provide may not “connect the dots” together in your brain as to what a traditional service-related company’s roster of products & services might provide (professional facilitations & custom website development) – we have over 17 years of satisfied clients who can tell you that what we have created WORKS!

Join Us In Rick’s Dream To Help You Realize Yours!

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